• Features

  • Go Virtual

    Power up your MekaMon straight out of the box and dive into a world of real AR. Sharpen your skills in single player mode and battle with virtual enemies in your living room. Extend your experience in MekaArcade with endless new missions and games.

  • Tune your MekaMon

    Customise your MekaMon's parameters in Dropzone. Adjust height, step length, gait and speed to give you the edge on friends. Create real world challenges such as obstacle courses and use Dropzone to tune and operate your Mek.

  • Challenge Your Friends

    Engage Battle Mode for multiplayer Mek-to-Mek warfare with two or more players. Customise your battle strategies with digital play cards that give you specific abilities. Unlock additional cards as you progress to create unique load-outs and decks.

  • Extend Your Strategy

    Swap in new armour, weapons and accessories, unlocking new battle strategies. Building your MekaMon to match your combat style or change it up to tackle new foes.

MekaMon - Next Level Robotics Gaming & AR

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